If you are remodeling your master bathroom, consider some of the tips in this post and add some luxury finishes to your bathroom to help take it to the next level. 

We are starting to see more people looking for luxurious touches in their bathroom. Things that you used to only find in day spas and luxury hotels are becoming more common in homes. Today, luxury can be incorporated into any bathroom remodel.



If you are unsure what type of bathroom style you want, begin doing your research. Visit bathroom showrooms, visit decorating stores, plumbing showrooms and search magazines and websites for ideas.


Bathroom decorating websites:
The Spruce
Better Homes & Gardens


Luxury bathroom ideasbathroom remodel

  • Ceramic Tile Shower
  • Multi-Head Shower
  • Two Sinks
  • Separate Toilet Room
  • Walk-In Closet
  • His-Her Towel Racks
  • Extra-Large Romantic Bathtub
  • Lots of Counter Space
  • Lots of Cabinet Space
  • Sitting Area
  • Artwork
  • Warming Lamp With a Timer



Now more than ever, we see people choosing luxury or unusual materials.  What is unusual for some, may not be for others. You may wish to use granite for your countertops or add reclaimed wood to one of your walls. Keep an open mind an do what works for you and your budget.



To help create your custom floor plan, hire a professional bathroom designer. They have experience and will analyze the size of your space and your needs.

Some things to discuss with the designer include:

  • Bath
  • Tile
  • Sinks
  • Shower
  • Doorways
  • Personalization
  • Universal Design


According to DIY Network, your designer can help you make the best choices for sinks, baths and showers and other personalization:

Bathroom flooringShower or Bath: The master bath has undergone some changes in recent years. Giant tubs, once wildly popular, have fallen out of favor. Instead, people are choosing custom showers including overhead showerheads, wall-mounted showerheads, hand-held showerheads, shower tiles, rain bars, body sprays and steam showers.

“People aren’t spending the time in the tubs,” says Sara Ann Busby, president of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). “They can get the same benefit and be in and out in five minutes (with a shower).”

Choosing a custom shower with a smaller bathtub can have a big impact on the layout of a bath, too. “A big tub with a nice surround takes up a tremendous amount of space. We can do a great big custom shower in a lot less space,” Sara Ann says.

Number of Sinks: Often Sara Ann’s clients will ask for two sinks in a master bath remodel. After discussing the matter further, most often what the clients really need is one sink and more counter and mirror space. “It’s rare we put in two sinks,” she says. Plumbing for a second sink can raise the price of a remodel, so it’s wise to give the matter careful thought before deciding on the number of lavatories.

Delicate Matters: “Bathrooms are much more personal than talking about a kitchen,” she says. Though it may seem a bit awkward to discuss things like a separate room for the toilet or dual showerheads with a designer, doing so will result in a better bathroom remodel.

Universal Design: Another trend in master bathrooms is the use of universal design. This approach, designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, includes wider doorways, showers with no raised lip around the bottom, larger shower doors and more room around fixtures. Once thought of as industrial-looking, universal elements such as grab bars now blend seamlessly into even the most luxurious master bathrooms.


When it comes to extras in a master bathroom remodel, look toward the luxurious. Add a chandelier over your soaking tub. Add built-in warming drawers for towels or install a pass-through fireplace for ambiance and warmth.You might also consider including your washer and dryer, dressing rooms or even massage tables your bathroom for convenience.

We are seeing more master baths with sound systems and televisions, but we recommend caution when adding these. Your master bath should be a calm, quiet retreat, and the sound from a television bouncing off the walls and fixtures can have the opposite effect. Only add these items if they are really right for you, not because it’s the current trend. If you do add them, be sure to also have some softening materials like plush towels and fabric window treatments in the space.


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