Yes, you can. Tiling over tiles can be a quick easy job, without too much mess and saving you so much time, money and effort. It is not always the right choice however, you need to consider both the pros and cons before deciding whether it would be better to retile the existing tiles, or tile from scratch.


Pulling up all the original tiling is a large, difficult, time-consuming, messy job. Making the decision to tile over the top will be much quicker with far less mess and headache. You won’t have to hire people to remove the tiles or tile stripping machines so it is also more cost-effective.

It’s a good method for people on a tight budget.


Installing tile over tile can cause some problems. When you tile over already laid tiles it causes an increase in height of the floor that you are tiling on, so because the floors have gained in height, doors and cupboards will now not be able to open or close properly. Another problem is that if the original tiles were not laid properly, the new tiles may have uneven surfaces.

If you decide to go with the tile on tile method, you will need to carry out precise measurements and calculate how much you need to trim doors so that they fit over the new tiles.

If you decide to start from scratch and lay new tiles after removing the existing ones at Art Z LTD our tile contractors Geneva are skilled at tile installation and very efficient. Call us today.