If you know anything about tile flooring, it’s probably that a professional tile installation is crucial to a long-lasting, durable floor. It’s the key to getting all you can from your chosen tiles and making your home look spectacular.

We have good news: your tile installation is much easier than you think when you have the right tile setters on the job from start to finish. Working with tile installers from the same place you purchase your tiles allows you to coordinate the project and the team will be very familiar with the tiles selected, which is exactly what ARTZ can provide.

When you go with tiles, you are getting an all-natural floor produced from top-quality clays, marble, and other earth-bound materials. Expect a kiln-fired product at extremely high temperatures that create a dense, solid material that can last for roughly 50 years if cared for properly.

A proper tile installation in your home will eliminate any worry about chips or cracks, and depending on the tile you choose, stains will not be a factor either. Plus, you’ll have excellent grout lines that will seal your floor so water damage is not a concern. And since tiles offer superior water protection, your floor will shine for years and you can have that same performance with a bathroom tile installation in your shower.

Add elegance, and timeless style to your home with a tile floor installation provided by ARTZ. We have experienced tile setters who can quickly make your tiling project a success, with expert tiling and grout work to finish it off perfectly.