Trends in bathroom tile installation may serve as a springboard for examining your own unique taste and preferences as well as an indicator of what is currently hot in interior design. With compact powder room designs, we’ve seen that homeowners are becoming a little more creative and creating main bathroom rooms that are really distinctive to them rather than just utilitarian. So, while picking a bathroom tile design, start with these trends for 2022.

Sails & Ribbons
The newest bathroom tile trends include long, thin tiles, sometimes known as “ribbons” “slats,” or both.

  1. Incorporate them into mosaics.
  2. Place them in the midst of bigger tiles.
  3. Make use of sizable slat-shaped tiles.
  4. Floor patterns in black and white

Black & White Pattern
Black and white patterned tile floor installation is one of the most popular styles for bathroom floors. That’s not to say black and white tile installation patterns aren’t used before; in fact, they were one of the first bathroom floor tile designs and have been around for a very long time.

Tile in Zellige
Zellige tile is another popular bathroom tile design that has shown some resiliency. A Moorish and Islamic tile-making method called zellige entails meticulous handcrafting of ceramic tiles. In the architecture of Spain, Morocco, and the Islamic world, classic zellige tiles may still be seen.

Tiles with a Large Format
According to tile installers, one of the major bathroom tile trends for 2022 is large-format tiles, which may potentially be the biggest trend overall. Minimal grout lines, which give tiles in big formats a cleaner appearance and may visually enlarge your area, are one of their advantages.

The shower’s floor is also the flooring
Even bathrooms are increasingly becoming open-concept designs. The bathroom tile flooring that extends unbroken into the shower is the next trend, as a result.