Tiles give your kitchen and bathroom the perfect combination of style, durability, and low-maintenance care requirements – they’re practically made for flooring! But don’t be fooled – even tiles need proper attention to prevent cracking. Understand why it happens so you can make sure your home stays looking its best. Art Z Flooring has listed some reasons why your tiles may crack.

Improper Installation

For those looking to spruce up their flooring with some new tiles, getting it installed the right way is essential. Expansion joints provide flexibility and prevent cracking due to regular movement of your floors, while waterproof membranes in wet areas can keep water from infiltrating the underlying substrate material. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about tiling yourself – outsource it! Our tile contractors have all the know-how for successful installation that looks great and lasts long-term.

Incorrect Adhesive or Application

To ensure your tile installation lasts the test of time, use an adhesive that covers every inch of its back. Flexible yet strong adhesives provide optimal stability while allowing small movements between tiles and their underlying surface without risking cracking. Important to note – using grouts or cement mixes can be detrimental; these materials don’t allow enough flexibility for security fixes, so make sure you stick with products designed specifically for tile application!

Unsuitable Tile

Each tile is made using different materials and for different applications. For instance, using indoor tiles for outside or using tile floors for walls can leave them more susceptible to damages like cracks. 

Heavy Loads

Having heavy loads on the tiled floor can cause cracks. When installing tiles, make sure that the bottom of the tile gets the correct amount of thin-set. In addition, hollow pockets of air between them and the subfloor can cause cracking even if the dead weight is within the parameters. 

Cracked Substrate

With our expert tile contractors, we can help you avoid nasty surprises from cracked substrates due to instability caused by wood or concrete expansion. Say goodbye to worries about substrate movement with a flexible membrane or screed installation – contact us today! ART Z Tile Installation is the key to ensuring your tiles and floors look beautiful for years to come.