Your kitchen backsplash is a great opportunity to add some personal style to your kitchen.

There’s only so much you can do with cabinets and appliances. With your backsplash though, there are almost limitless possibilities.

Sometimes the backsplash possibilities can seem overwhelming. To make this easier, we give you some tips and points to consider when choosing yours.

Take your countertops into consideration

Since your backsplash is right against your countertops, it’s extremely important that the materials and colors work well together. If you have a colored countertop material you may want to choose a neutral tile color (although a patterned one would still work).  If you have a neutral colored countertop, you’ll want to choose a tile that complements the texture and tone of the material.

Backsplash tileChoosing colorful or neutral tile

A colorful backsplash can have a big impact on the appearance of your kitchen. A neutral colored tile can add character too, by perfectly complimenting your cabinets and countertops. Some people love bright colors, while others find a pleasing calmness in a neutral kitchen with uniform colors.

Choosing backsplash material

After color, the material your backsplash is made from is just as important as a decision. Some of your options include ceramic tile, glass tile, penny tile, natural stone, brick, tin sheets, subway tile, embossed concrete, reclaimed wood and stainless steel.

Deciding on backsplash height

Often your backsplash tile will go up to the bottom of your cabinets or bottom shelf in an open shelving design. You could also extend your backsplash to the ceiling over the sink, over the stove or in spots where there are no cabinets.  This will make your backsplash a focal point of your kitchen, so be aware of this and make sure you’ve chosen a tile you love.

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