If your tiles are looking a little tired and worn out, save yourself the expense of replacing the entire floor or wall and hire reputable tile installers. These professionals will clean up your tiles, restoring them to their former glory. Art Z Ltd are the best tile contractors, they are experts at tile installation, repair and restoration.

The following signs will indicate your tiles are in need of some expert care.

  1. Crumbling Grout – the grout between your tiles can collect water, become scratched and crumble. The grout needs to be replaced or refurbished, or these small issues will escalate and lead to cracks and breakage.
  2. Dingy Grout – When your grout has dirt embedded into it and looks grimy, it needs to be cleaned and refurbished.
  3. Lack of Shine – Tiles that are dull looking or faded, need a good clean.
  4. Small Chips or Holes – Small chips or holes can be easily repaired, they must be sealed following the repair.
  5. Stains – Stains that are difficult to remove will need specialized cleaning equipment to be removed.
  6. Water Invasion – Grout stops water from getting under the tiles, if the seal becomes broken or the tiles are not installed properly the water will penetrate. If this happens mold and fungal growth will likely result which carries health hazards.